List of Industries Zones Covered by the Bide Project?

In Balochistan Province, the BIDE project considers approximately nineteen different Commercial Industrial Zones (CIZ). So, let’s talk about them in the below section.

Turbat: Turbat is situated on the southern end of Balochistan, and it comes inside the Kech District. After Quetta, it’s considered the second-largest city in Balochistan. However, it comes on the 38th largest city list of Pakistan.

Awaran: Awaran is a Small District situated on the southern end of Balochistan. However, it comes in the Kalat Division.

Washuk: Washuk is a small town situated on the southwest side of the Capital of Balochistan. The place is approachable from Kharan and Nuskhi along with the RCD highway of the Quetta-Khuzdar Section.

Mastung: Mastung Is a small city or town around 45 KM away from the Capital of Balochistan. It also comes under the Kalat District.

Dera Allah Yar: The headquarters of Jaffarabad District is situated approximately 300 away from Quetta. The districts name was changed from Jhatpat to Dera Allah Yar after the assassination of a political leader named Mir Allah Yar Khan Khosa.

Kalat: Kalat is one of the historical places of Balochistan that is famous due to the Khan of Kalat, who was once the owner of half of the Balochistan region. There are many Non-Muslim Prayers spots available to this area, making it an important place.

Musakhel: Musakhel is situated on the northeast side of Balochistan province, which became a separate district back in 1992. It’s now part of the Loralai Division.

Lasbela: Lasbela is in the coastal district of Balochistan, which is very near to the capital of Sindh, Karachi. It comes in the Uthal District and is also famous due to the former Chief Minister of Jam Kamal Khan.

Panjgur: Panjgur, who was once known as Fannazbur or Bannajbur, is a small town that comes in the Panjgur district. It produces more than 50% of dates in Pakistan.

Killa Saif Ullah: It’s situated on the northwestern side of Balochistan, also known as the Pashtun belt. Moreover, it comes under the Zhob division.

Kharan: Kharan is situated on the northwest side of Balochistan, where you will see the famous Sandy desert that resembles the Dubai desert areas. The weather tends to be extremely hot in this place.

Barkhan: Barkhan comes in the Zhob division, also the eighth smallest district of Balochistan.

Khuzdar: Khuzdar is a well-established City of Balochistan ranks number three after Quetta and Turbat. Meanwhile, it’s the 47th largest city in Pakistan.

Quetta: Quetta is the Capital of Balochistan province, with all commercial sectors and primary governmental Sectors’ headquarters. Compared to the other cities in Baluchistan, the popularity rate is higher in this city.

Ziarat: Ziarat is a small city under the Sibi District whose primary source of earning is tourism and Farming. It’s also famous due to the Quaid-e-Azam residency and the second largest juniper forest.

Kohlu: Kohlu is the capital of Kohlu district, which comes under the Sibi Division. It’s popular due to the historic tribal vendettas and political insurgence arena.

Nasirabad: Nasirabad is situated in the centre-west side of Balochistan, whose headquarter is in Dera Murad Jamali. The division for this city is also Nasirabad.

Sibi: Sibi Is a popular area of Balochistan where the temperature remains hot throughout the year. It’s famous for the Sibi Mela and the religious gathering once a year.

Loralai: Loralai is the headquarter for the Zhob division, situated on the northeast side of Balochistan province.

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