Foreign Investment Mainstay Proposition (FIMP)

SIG’s national economic development agenda (NEDA) for Pakistan cossets the BIDE project to be convivial for results-driven investment professionals from around the world who are welcome to be a part of a valuable and cost-effective partnership to achieve high yield returns and relish the low operational costs in Pakistan. The SIG technical support unit are based in Quetta, Balochistan to provide an artful insight for your commercial investiture. The BIDE investment facilitation dependability is rated second to none in honouring your necessities with the comfort of giving you the ease of mind by providing assiduous ministration to simplify the commencement of your desired commercial venture in a bid to prevent any implications from occurring. Feel free to contact the investment facilitation switchboard and express your reservations in detail to our solution orientated consultants who are very keen to provide you requisite information. Once you have successfully been enumerated on the JVIS archive senior management from SIG are always available if and when required at your time of choosing to provide assistance with your commerce dealerships at free of cost with no obscured fees. Seminars can be pre-arranged subject to booking appointments with SIG personnel. All the procedural activities will be conversed in greater detail for every investor to be habituated on pursuing JVIS membership from SIG. BIDE projects main emphasis is to build bridges striving towards economic stability across the regional province of Pakistan.