Balochistan Industrial Drive Evolution (BIDE) is an undertaking that I have had in mind for some considerable time. I am very fervent about working towards allaying the local economy of Balochistan province. I firmly give credence to the fact if the land mass of Balochistan province along with the resources and human potential across the region are utilized to full capacity it would substantially aggrandize Pakistan economically to certain statures that we have never seen. On a personal note, I have been flabbergasted to witness the dormancy of infrastructure development in Balochistan province comparison to other provincial regions of Pakistan. Balochistan province can prove to be an opulence dynamo and make a huge contribution in the sub-continent region since the advent of CPEC which has appreciatively simplified regional connectivity. Paradigmatic links are set up and the commercial industrial zones (CIZ) have been identified. The next phase is for the economic hotspots to be constructed my aspiration is to make a contribution on curtailing the ratio of imported goods into Pakistan from overseas markets and tesselate the industrial pedestals promoting large scale manufacturing across Balochistan province of Pakistan. The vision is ingrained practical steps will be taken with resolute comportment in transforming the provincial region as an elite investment friendly destination. A joint effort will enhance collaboration, raise industrial amplification for goods being manufactured locally and creating a culture of being competitive in international markets. It is a great honour for me to have this opportunity building constructive platforms in various localities in Balochistan province I have always sensed great potential in Balochistan province and it is my strong belief Balochistan’s geo-economic location can become a global phaenomenon for Pakistan.