The business community participating on BIDE project will appreciate the first-mover advantages that will enable them to set the industrial standards without no competitive constraints in the uncontested market spaces in Balochistan province. Investors will have a colossal opportunity to exploit & capture the industrial demand and have the strength to take their offerings in various directions through value innovation strategies. The strategic depth of Pakistan’s geo-economic location will increase the industrialization centrum across Balochistan province. It is our rightful duty to provide the compulsory support in accordance with the growth identification and facilitation framework policies. Introducing industrial upgradation preparatory measures annually is one of the core criterion errands of BIDE project. The emphases are to build bridges and hearten new entrepreneurs superseding their industrial prospects focusing on the continuity in being persistent on enlarging the infrastructure development segment across Balochistan region of Pakistan. New industrial practises will be introduced with a competitive outlook to keep up with the paces of business landscapes which are rapidly changing incessantly. The vision is set to make Balochistan province a multifarious industrial epicentre primed for infrastructure, labour, resources & consumer market orientated industries. BIDE project is an open and quantitative corporate scheme which is picture-perfect for striving entrepreneurs.