The BIDE augmentation consists of setting up twenty commercial industrial zones (CIZ) which provisions a wide-range of forty-five industries organised to inflate developmental operations. The main directive of BIDE is set up mass production facilities in the Balochistan province underpinned by service industry associations persistent on enhancing the resources to accelerate time to market the goods disseminating to international markets. A striving vision is fixed for the next ten years on upsurging the infrastructure developmental process to establish an industrial structure that mutually links large, medium, small enterprises. The construction industry succours the economic enlargement agenda endowing Balochistan province to become the leading provincial investment destination of Pakistan. Strong foundations are established to understand the necessity of empowering the local population in the region through conversant apprenticeships. The impetus is boarding probationers on a peregrination which offers consummate knowledge & valuable employment skills which will be acquired through effectual training curriculums. Enthusiastic apprentices will be seasoned to excel on complex revival management workflows in numerous low-tariff and capital-intensive industries with the assistance of BIDE technical support unit dedicated to increase labour productivity and abbreviate lead times.