What is JVIS?

A1. A joint venture investment scheme is a grouping of multiple entrepreneurs that pursue the development of a venture for profitable remunerations.

How many commercial industrial zones are on BIDE project?

A2. There are a total of nineteen commercial industrial zones (CIZ) for the BIDE project in Balochistan province:

  1. Awaran
  2. Turbat
  3. Washuk
  4. Mastung
  5. Kalat
  6. Dera Allah Yar
  7. Musakhel
  8. Lasbela
  9. Panjgur
  10. Killa Saif Ullah
  11. Kharan
  12. Khuzdar
  13. Quetta
  14. Ziarat
  15. Kohlu
  16. Nasirabad
  17. Barkhan
  18. Sibi
  19. Loralai
How many industries are involved on the BIDE project?

Forty four industries are involved in the BIDE project:

  1. Construction
  2. Manufacturing
  3. IT
  4. Advertising & Marketing
  5. Food processing & sales
  6. Food & Beverages
  7. Transport
  8. Miscellaneous Services
  9. Publishing & Printing
  10. Real Estate
  11. Sea Transport
  12. Employment Training Mergers
  13. Waste Management & Collection
  14. Procurement Services
  15. Retail Sales
  16. Insurance
  17. Misc Business
  18. Postal/Courier Services
  19. Recreation/Live Entertainment
  20. Hospitality
  21. Lighting Industry
  22. Publishing
  23. Telecom
  24. Materials
  25. Education
  26. Energy
  27. Business 2 Business Payments (B2B)
  28. Ecommerce
  29. Welding
  30. Furniture Crafts
  31. Handicrafts
  32. Micro-mobility
  33. Information & Culture
  34. Hotel, Restaurant & Leisure
  35. Flower industry
  36. Sports Leisure
  37. Tourism
  38. Bargaining Services
  39. MIL Services
  40. 3D Printing
  41. Natural Disaster Risk Management Services
  42. Heavy equipment rental
  43. Storage services
  44. Investment advisory services
What are the tourist hotspots in Balochistan province?

A4. Ziarat, Quetta, Gwadar, Lasbela, Harnai, Awaran, Washuk, Jiwani

How many industrial estate parks will be constructed in Balochistan province under the BIDE flagship?

There is no set limit BIDE project is primarily based on continuous industrial expansion across the Balochistan province region.

Where will the manufacturing hubs be situated in Balochistan province?

A6. Awaran, Barkhan, Turbat, Lasbela, Mastung, Dera Allah Yar, Khuzdar, Kalat, Kharan, Kohlu, Musakhel, Panjgur, Washuk

What will be the main infrastructure development projects on BIDE?

A7. Residential apartments, industrial estates, service stations, retail parks, public markets, corporate buildings. Technological centres, workshops, factories. Training centres, hotels.

How many phases are in BIDE project?

A8.  There are three phases to BIDE project phase one has the longest duration consisting of five years of development plan across Balochistan province. Once the infrastructure is in place the second phase emphases on up skilling the provincial workforce under the soft skills & talent development initiative envisioning to diversifying the aptitude base. The third phase is introducing astute industrial technologies to further boost efficiency in mass production.    

Where will the technological centres be based in Balochistan province?
  1. Turbat
  2. Lasbela
  3. Ziarat
  4. Sibi
  5. Washuk
  6. Kalat
  7. Loralai
Which industry will be the foremost business on BIDE project?

Construction and manufacturing sectors are the leading industries on BIDE project. Both of these subdivisions are mainly based on promoting infrastructure development and configuring domestic manufacturing enterprises to gain international dependency.